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Get a Website!

THREE WEBSITE OPTIONS: Cheap, Standard, Personalized

I have a lot more information on my Therapy Websites website page here.

Therapy websites involve the same financial and emotional drama of any other business.  Therapists are generally solo which means it is even more isolating and frustrating to know whom to trust and where to go!  My perspective is as a “do it yourselfer” and as someone who thinks money should be spent wisely.  Even on a short budget, I refuse to go with places like Godaddy websites or Homestead/Intuit.  Those are too cheap and really restrictive. Plus their websites tend to be quite unattractive.  The options I suggest are none that I use.  Why?  I have learned a lot about websites so I take the time to save a lot of money and do my own thing.  That is not likely an option for many of you, though the younger you are, the more lifetime savings you’ll have if you learned a little bit on your own!

Your main decision points for a therapy website include:

Do you expect to do many updates?  (I’ll cringe if you want to put a therapy website up and never look at it again, but I realize that’s what most therapists do!)

Do you mind paying for changes and unknown costs knowing some months you’ll have no costs at all?  Or do you prefer a stable, monthly fee that lets you do as many updates as you want?

How quickly do you want a website?  The only website I know of that literally has generic therapy text in it is therapy sites.  Use “PromoET” to get a free month with them!  Disclosure: I get a small affiliate fee if you chose to go with them because of my recommendation.  You are free to waste $59 and not use my promotion code.

If you want a personalized website you can either go with a webmaster (pros and cons to this!) or you can chose the third-ever website option I can endorse.  More on this therapy website option hereDisclosure: I get a small affiliate fee for recommending the website.  The irony, however, is the rates are a lot lower going through me in the first place!  If you found this website solution directly you’d spend another $2,000.

The cheapest option is a template we resell.  More about that and the other options on the therapy website options page on my website.


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  1. Elizabeth, Hi! I’ve just taken a few minutes to read some of your advice. Our Heart to Heart winter team is looking into revising the old website (address above)and are wondering if you’d be interested??? I’m not a techy person, but hopefully one of our team will volunteer to read all you have written here and work with you on this project. We are meeting this coming Saturday, and I just wondered if you might be able to give me a ballpark amount to do the revision. I realize that all depends on the answers to your main questions, etc. We have a new domain name, but for the life of me, I can’t remember it at the moment. Maybe a safer way to begin would be to ask how much you charge to meet with us for a couple of hours in the beginning??? We won’t be available until after this upcoming Heart to Heart weekend on March 11-13….but maybe sometime in April or May??? Thanks for your consideration! Cheri DM

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