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A free website that is easy to update

WordPress offers a lot of what they call “themes” you can use to update your blog either because you’re bored, or need different features.  I tend to get bored and want change.  I just rearranged my daughters bedroom and am on a kick to change!  I was in my personal blog, which I’ve recently moved to a password protected area, using WordPress, and just learned how to add different themes.  There are some really cool looking free WordPress templates out there!  It makes it hard to justify spending thousands on a webmaster if you have a small budget and also like change.  WordPress also lets you make your own updates.

If people are interested, perhaps I should offer a tutorial, or have a low cost “set up” so you can get launched with your own website, get training, etc.  Do ask your webmaster if they do WordPress because they may be able to do this for you instead of a “regular” website.


Web Design

If you’re like me, you don’t know or have the skills to make a website pretty.  And if you’re like me, you may not be at the place where you want to spend thousands of dollars for the “perfectly designed” website.  I’m stuck trying to find a great, Free, WordPress design.  I stumbled across this one last night and I love red, so we’ll see how long this look lasts before I move on!

The interesting thing about rearranging your website, whether it’s moving links around, renaming articles or pages, simply changing the look,  is you can track whether those changes make any difference in your web traffic and who reads what.  It’s a special trick that poor Magazine editors don’t get, unless their magazine is ONLINE!  Magazine folks rely on surveys to find out what people read, or on letters to the editor.  But any good website should have traffic to help you analyze!

I worked with one therapist who saw no importance to what a website looked like.  My analogy is imagine going to a fancy restaurant and being served with plastic silverware.  Some of you would be shocked and dislike the food because of how you had to eat it.  Some of you would be constantly looking around, wonder if this is is for real or you’re being put on.  And yes, some of you wouldn’t care, though the person your with probably does!

There is NO one answer to how a website should look.  But a web design can enhance or detract from whether people 1) stay on your website, 2) what they read, 3) whether they act, and 4) whether they bookmark and come back to you.

Therapy Sites – website templates

Therapysites continues to be a viable option, even if it’s heavily used by therapists.  It seems so many therapists struggle on every aspect of a therapy website.  Even though therapysites struggles from being pretty generic (lots of therapists use them) it’s also a great spoon-fed solution for those wanting and needing to get up online right away.

I appreciate the no set up fee, month to month contract, and the fairly use-to-use website editor.

TherapySites is probably the best solution for those who are clueless, crunched for time or creativity, or who just don’t care much and want something up.

TherapySites has limitations so depending on what you want to but some therapists use therapysites for their practice and then use another website for their more innovative psychoeducation website, blog, etc.

TherapySites spends a lot on advertising, so through me you can get a free month ($59 value) and I get a small commission (this is true for everyone they work with including large therapy associations.)  The promo code at checkout is PromoET.  I can recommend TherapySites for many therapists and have come to realize the limitations are well offset by the ease of use.

Website Templates: The Internet “Native” vs “Immigrant”

One of the many stressors, or sometimes lack of stress when there SHOULD be stress, is how exactly does a baby boomer generation therapist or educator know how to manuever on the internet.  And how do they get a sense of how their website should look?  It’s such a gut thing.  Most people under 40 have a better gut.

Not trying to offend a lot of you, but  the Therapy Site templates (all 4, with each offering 3 colors), Godaddy, Homestead, Yahoo, and another therapy template service that I’m blanking on the name, they are all pretty bad.  Best case they are extremely bland, to the point of being like a “sample brochure” for people who don’t want to spend the money designing their own site.  (I’m guilty of this for business cards and was for a brochure until I hired a designer.)  The problem, especially for Therapy Sites, is 1) you only have four choices which means your website is going to look identical to many others – bad for branding! and 2) they require a link back to their site, so anyone can harrass you simply by doing a special search to find everyone with that template.  The third problem is they try to sell you on the glories of search engine optimization but sadly all the “content” they provide free is DUPLICATED content which means Google ignores it completely.  And, all that content sends people away from you back to THEM, which just helps THEM sell ads.    Godaddy sites LOOK like Godaddy sites.  You don’t want someone to immediately know who is hosting your website – it shouldn’t be that distracting!

Worst case, not being bland, but they either have ads on them (eegads!) or they literally look like a spam website.  If you have ever gone to a website you thought was the right place, but found it was a pretend website, with “related searches”, you know what I mean.  This is an example, though poor one, of what I’m talking about http://weddding.com.  It’s wedding with 3 d’s.  It looks like a real website but it isn’t.  Everything you can click is just another fake website for ads.  This is how some websites look and feel.

The other way they can feel is just like an extremely corporate, bland website.  No zip, no energy, no grabbing the visual eye of the people (and generation) you’re trying to serve.  The stock photos are very stereotypical (running water, rocks, bamboo) and there is just no personality.

As you can tell, I’m not a fan of template services!  But I have finally come around to their necessary evil.  If you have a webmaster make 2-3 changes, it can take upwards of an hour and at $50/hour, you’ve just paid for an entire month with most template services.  AND you then get 24/7 access to making your own edits.  No waiting for your webmaster to reply.  No waiting to see what it looks like, only to find a typo or that you don’t like the spacing on the website. 

Enter, a new exciting solution!  You can get the best of both worlds – either hire a designer and STILL make 24/7 edits yourself, or sign up for this template service (with 108 current templates fully customizable) and get FOUR HOURS of personalized help…help on ANYTHING, from handing over your Word documents, to figuring out what to say, to having professional copywriters and adsmiths work on your website.  Plus the most amazing things – free contact management system – no more Constant Contact fees to manage nice emails and newsletters.  And an amazing e-commerce system that I literally tried to DESTROY in testing and can’t.  You can set up all the weird taxes on anything, you can have a catalog.  That’s all free.  There is a $10 fee (I pay a crazy $50) to accept credit cards, which you can do recurring (I pay another $10/month for that feature).  Then the typical fees apply to the credit card, normally 15 cents per transaction and 2-3%.

I’m very tempted to move over myself and that is saying a LOT because I have the program to make my own edits and the knowledge to do it all myself.  But the fees I pay for Constant Contact and credit cards pays for itself.  And then I get the added security of never being hacked, of never going down, of having a 3am backup in case I thoroughly destroy something, and 24/7 free tech support.

So contact me if you want to learn more!  Through me you can save $200.  thomasconsultation  [at] gmail.com is the email.  I am also looking at maybe having my website set up as a template option on that service.  We paid $1,100 for the design to look and feel like a calm, professional, trustworthy therapy site.  www.thomasconsultation.com is one example, robscuka.com, michaelmetzphd.com, and drbilldoherty.org are all various examples of the website “in use.”  If you wanted that template, it’s just $99 and you can find someone to do the web editing for you.  Or, I can find someone who can work with you to make your own edits using a low cost software.  The only downside there is you couldn’t customize the pages.

Psychotherapy Website Templates

Hello readers – the person who is doing my professional CD website training recordings (he’s a sound guy) is also a reseller of website templates.  I’ve been dubious of those $50/month templates, but I’ve come to peace with the reality that to 1) have a website, 2) make affordable website edits, 3) have ownership over your website to DO the very things I preach (search engine optimization, building great content, etc) then you need to have good access to your website.  And I have one therapist client who still comes to me for web edits and I’m realizing quickly that even one simple tweak can be 15 minutes of my time and a few tweaks quickly becomes $50 in edits.  That client is  the biggest “a ha” moment I’ve had about website edits and these $50 per month website templates that are being offered to therapists.  (My therapist husband and father get these solicitations every month it seems and I growl and yell at their false sales pitches!)

I’m about 80% of the way towards researching HIS solution before I bless it as my recommendation to you.  I do not recommend things lightly and I have a lot of things I care about that you might not, but that I insist be in a template that I recommend.  If I chose to pursue it, he and his business partner are willing to give YOU a really good deal, saving $200.  The template is very intriguing for many reasons including the $50/month includes FREE email marketing.  I pay for Constant Contact but with this website template, it’s free.  It also allows unlimited bandwidth for downloading Podcasts and other things.

So watch VERY soon!  I’m finishing my training recordings tomorrow and will finalize the details and tell you what the service is if it meets my “requirements.”  I will also tell you the pros and cons of it so you go in with eyes wide open! Nothing is perfect and I have nothing to gain or lose by what you chose.  As a “DIY” person I am always balancing hiring out the necessary elements vs doing it myself.

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