"Helping people who help people"


I’m sending this post by itself in hopes of getting your attention. I
believe this is one of the most important things I can do to help expand the
reach of Marriage Educators – help us get our wisdom into the hands of those
that need it.
It’s so easy to make the mistake of thinking your website is like a
business card – an address you give people so they can go to your website
and find all your wonderful information. BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU MEET?
There are MILLIONS of people – and the number grows daily – that RELY SOLEY
on the internet to find answers to their questions. Every day, they are
looking to the web for solutions. Especially our target population – those
21t century, *next marrying* couples. Googling. IF your site shows up when
they do a search – and shows up high enough in the search engines – YOU can
help them. That’s what OPTIMIZING is all about – improving the chances your
website will show up near the top of internet search engines.
We have a genie in our midst. Bill Doherty’s daughter, Elizabeth Thomas,
figured out how to optimize their First Dance and Marriage Friendly
Therapist websites. A year ago, after spending a lot of money on designers
who created beautiful websites and paying for listings (like the rest of us
she thought it was about creating a good looking, “tempting” website and
paying as much as you could afford to the experts to help you get listed) –
after all that, they were only reaching 2,000 people a month. Then, in total
frustrated determination Elizabeth figured it out. She began tweaking and
optimizing, trail and error, nose to the web grindstone. She’s done it and
they’re now reaching 10,000 people every single month!
And, because Elizabeth believes that all of us in the marriage education
movement benefit by combining forces — all rise on the rising webtide —
she’s offered to teach us what she’s learned. Instead of seeing this as a
competition – getting a bigger piece of the pie, optimization works on the
principle of enlarging the size of the pie. Links beget links. Traffic
begets traffic.

You’ll understand all this if you take her 1-hour teleclass – how
optimization is the epitome of all of us ROWING TOGETHER….
Elizabeth’s next *Intro to Search Engine Optimization* class will be on Tues
April 8th at 1pm Central time. It will be the most productive $30 you’ve
ever invested. To register go to:

SmartMarriages mailing list


“Wow, I am not usually a fan of CD trainings, but you had my attention the whole time.  I will listen to these CD’s multiple times as I absorb the information.  There is no fluff and you don’t come off as a know-it all which is so refreshing.  Admitting you’ve made mistakes makes you more trustworthy.”

Corey Benson, small business owner



Thank You! Your class has really opened my eyes to the power of search
engine optimization and how it can improve organizations who work through
and with websites! I am enjoying testing this information and learning more
about SEO. You have certainly awakened my curiosity and my desire to reach
more people who are interested in what our organization has to offer!
Thank you for all your help. I certainly would like to know about future
class times and offerings.

Heather Shute
Executive Director
First Things First of Gaston County



Before the call we didn’t know how important it is to design a website with
the search engines in mind, nor the fact that there are tools out there
which can help us in that regard.

Things were explained clearly and there was time for questions at the end.
We now have a general sense of what SEO is and it is definitely something we
will work on when we develop our website. We are glad that we did your
training and realize that it is quite useful to learn about this in advance
of setting up our site.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about this and also for the tools

Bob Hellrung
Cheryl Leeds


If you like to get a lot of bang for your buck, this course is definitely in that category. I learned a lot that I didn’t know about and it was presented in a way that I could understand. Joan Pechauer

The Intro to SEO was right at our level. We knew that SEO existed, and were
just beginning to discover what it would require when we heard about the
training and signed up. Elizabeth increased our understanding of what’s
really important in SEO, and served as a guide as we decided where to focus
our efforts. The training was practical, friendly, and understandable.
Learning about free techniques that work and that we can implement ourselves
was definitely worth the course fee! We would highly recommend the Intro
course to anyone who is interested in marketing their organization online,
but is still in the early stages of understanding the technology behind SEO!

Bethany Stebner
Media and Outreach Assistant
Marriage Works! Ohio
Elizabeth’s New Life Center


“”The vast majority of my new clients come from Google.  I have exceeded all my expectations of where I would be six months into my new therapy practice.”

Mike Thomas, new marriage therapist, Elizabeth’s husband


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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I have been in some EFT groups with
    your husband Mike, and heard about you through him. Of course, I am familiar with your father’s work too.
    I’m super impressed with your advice I can see on those blogs. I’m one of those 50+ couples therapists just now wanting to do a website. I am a former writer, and want to do my own content. I’m a little unclear about the services you offer…did you say you have a template you offer? I need someone to do the design, although I know pretty much what I want. I’m not sure who to have host it, whether or not to get contact services, —is that on your CDs? Thanks-Kathleen Lowry

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