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Depression advocate

I really do love Twitter because you get to “meet” people you may otherwise never know existed.  It’s the ultimate interconnected web of all existence.  Here’s the website providing hope, health, and healing to others that I’ve recently discovered.  And I’m putting her with my blog category “Mental Health by Real Sufferers”.  Check them all out!


Bipolar Blog

I get so excited at all blogs or websites from real suffers of mental health and this one is no exception!  She’s a good writer and it’s great to see a real person talk about, for example, her anxiety going to her psychiatrist whom she knows well and deeply respects.

This one is called Bipolarette. http://bipolarette.com/ Enjoy!

A sufferer vs a therapist?

I found another great website, this one on social anxiety and panic attacks.  And while this person is not a therapist, he has a a really powerful voice. He suffered, grew, and is now sharing.  See it  here.  I’m adding it my category: Mental Health Sufferers so you can see examples of “real people” sharing and helping others.  It’s the beauty of the web.

I’ve seen therapy profiles where the therapist lists their own therapy or issues they have tackled. I’m very weary of doing this in  an advertisement.  While some people may find you more credible, it can also create a non-neutral boundary with prospective clients who aren’t  sure “what to do” with that information.  It puts YOUR stuff into their healing process.  There is a time and place to describe your own life,  but of ALL the potential places (a bio when you give a presentation to a  group, in an “about me” section of your website, in a specific, appropriate moment in the therapy session) an advertisement for people to call you should probably avoid your own mental health.  It should also be clear that you enjoy what you do BEYOND the fact that you found healing in your own therapy.  It reminds me of the annoyance wedding professionals have when they say, “just because you loved planning your own wedding does  NOT make you a good wedding planner.”  Similarly,  your skills and experience as my potential therapist should matter a LOT more than if you personally dealt with my issue.  Empathy without therapeutic skills and therapy experience is really just being a good friend whom I don’t have to pay to talk to!

Real people blogging about mental illness

I’m so glad to share another website I just found, thanks to Twitter.  This is a husband sharing his struggles living in love and commitment with a bi-polar wife.  I want to share this because professionals are usually not as engaging as “real people” struggling, and you can learn a lot about how to redo your own website.  You can also learn what the world of blogging is all about  or be inspired, if you specialize in a mental health condition, to go deeper on that one issue rather than be a “generalist.”  And of course as the daughter of a marriage and family therapist, we all live in SYSTEMS… we can’t ignore the spouses who deal with people dealing with mental health issues!!

We’re all swimming in the pond together.  Bi–polar blog here!

A mental health blog

This is a very powerful blog by someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.  It demonstrates not just the pain and hell these folks go through, but the way the internet connect people and let us talk to each other, let people with special diagnosis talk to each other.

It makes me ponder whether therapists should find more blogs like this, link to them, use them to help their clients or the “passerbys” as I like to call those folks who will never become clients but who still deserve help, information, education, resources.  It’s part of my personal mission to help all of you see your website as more than a sales page for your services, books, classes.  There are powerful stories out there waiting for a broader audience.  Clients helping other clients is extremely powerful stuff.

I am adding another “Category” for my blog, called Mental Health by Real Sufferers.  If and when I find more blogs or websites, I will pass them along.  If you know of any, let me know.

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