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Another website template option

WordPress.  This blog is in WordPress.  Lots of websites are in WordPress and you’d never even know.  Mine at the very bottom says “powered by WordPress” as do many.  But this company was founded on what is called “open source” technology, meaning anyone with the interest and tech abilities can get in there and not only do anything they want, but distribute their work for free, or money.

I like WordPress for two reasons.  One, you can find templates that offer what is called a “header”, the links at the top of every page, usually filled with “About”, “Contact”, etc.  I am a fan of those and really dislike this template right now for that reason (it’s red..apologies if you’re reading this blog and it’s not red, it just means I’ve found a better template).  The second reason I like WordPress is how easy it is to make “Categories” to help your reader.  Notice the categories to your right and how nice it is to “see” what I talk about on this blog and be able to just jump to a category that interests you.  I am wildly NOT organized in real life, but for some reason I crave  and do get really organized with computer files and on line stuff.  (Perhaps it fits my analytical side more than the real-life cleaning which also involves the actual work of moving things? 😉  )

So why should this matter to you?

WordPress gives you the option to get a very nice looking, FREE website.  The best ones don’t even seem to be a blog.  It’s what they call “static” information, which is to say there aren’t dates on it and you aren’t constantly updating it they way you would a blog.

I am very excited because I just got more “hosting space” last night, which is a techie way of saying I have the space on the Internet to build another website.  This one is going to be public and private, professional and personal.  And, it’s going to be my name.  Yes, I spent two full days pondering everything I teach in my “website names” CD.  Website names should be taken very seriously, very strategic, thinking through both your marketing plan on line and offline, and with a sense of self-awareness about who you are today and who you might want to be in the future (say, you love eating disorder work today but can see yourself moving in a new direction.)  This would help inform what domain name you bought, or would help you understand your marketing work today on line will be very pinpointed and have to “start over” if you get a new website for a new interest later.  The Domain CD is designed for EVERYONE!  I’ve made every single mistake I teach you about, and it’s all about helping you ask questions you’ve never thought about before.  I’m even more excited about it having gone through my own two days of figuring out a new domain and using everything I’ve learned to feel confident and strategic about my choice!

I was up waaaay too late last night finding really awesome websites that are 1) free, 2) unique and funky.  I never thought I could put those descriptors together because on normal websites you’re pretty much stuck with templates designed by 18-25 year old geeky computer science folks who love the challenge of building stuff but either don’t have the skills to do it for money, or who aren’t actually designing for people like you and me, but doing more “generic” website templates because it’s fun.  These folks, I hate to stereotype, generally aren’t working with real people in the real world.  If they were, they would not be giving away hours of their time for free, because they’d be too busy doing work for money!  You’ll also find that people who aren’t designers (as most of these folks aren’t), have the almost identical website over and over.  They aren’t artists but crunchy folks doing things behind the scenes that make them excited, but don’t matter to you and I if the look is pretty medicore.

I will blog about my new website when I get it up!  I’m very excited.  “ThomasConsultation.com” is a very boring website name and doesn’t make me “love it” when I write bios for public articles, nor does it give one central home for people to see all the things I’m up to.  I’ll keep that website as my “website marketing for therapists and educators”, along with this blog.  But I will have more passion, interest, and abilities to do more with that website, because I will have the proper “home” to put everything.  Having a home for everything, being organized, you’d be surprised how powerful it is.  That’s why I have an entire training on the topic!  Website organization.

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