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Today’s post is in honor of my dad giving a keynote today to psychologists on being a Citizen Professional.  This is his new line of fascinating work and more information can be found on the University of Minnesota Citizen Professionals website.  I have been working with him (read: being mentored) for nine years now as a “citizen” of various groups.

Being a website junkie, guru, addict, whatever word you want to use, I have been helping my dad see how therapists can bridge their professional worlds with “doing good” for the community at large.  The key is NOT helping by offering YOUR services as The Answer.  If “education” was the answer, nobody in America would smoke, be overweight, be addicted to anything, or have bad marriages.  Clearly something more is needed than talking AT people. The goal of this grass-roots movement is a “professionals on TAP, not TOP” approach.  It becomes organic, grounded, and leads to lay-leaders who are inside the issues they are trying to work on or fix.

One  main problem therapists face is the professional vs personal face.  You can hold strong convictions on important matters of life, but you can’t necessary share those with clients.  So how do you fulfill that deeper longing to make a broader impact?

This is my fathers keynote topic.

Where I come in is helping therapists see the online tools available.  There are techie tools and there is mindset.  Honestly, mindset shifts are way more challenging than the techie bits.  But I am going to create a blog category called Citizen Professional to begin to share what I can on this important topic.  Do read the citizen professional website to learn a lot more, if you’re interested.  Follow this “Category” on my blog if interested.

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