"Helping people who help people"


Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Check out my main website at Thomas Consultation.

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas is the daughter of a nationally respected licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Bill Doherty.  4 years ago she left corporate America to join her father and a colleague of his (Kathleen Wenger, LMFT) to start up a unique website, Marriage Friendly Therapists.  A year later she and her father started a “wedding planning meetings premarital counseling” website, The First Dance (metaphor of dance in family systems theory, plus the ACTUAL first dance of a wedding.)

Four years later she is slightly obsessed not only with websites and their power to transform lives but she is obsessed with HELPING therapists do more with their websites.  Her passion is connecting therapists with prospective clients through the internet.


Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Elizabeth,
    Heard about this blog on Twitter. You are on fire!!!
    All looks great. Congratulations.

    We are now marketing a 2010 MP 101 Cruise leaving Miami to Cozumel, and need to think about some new marketing ideas.

    What would it cost to be a “blog sponsor” for your First Dance blog?

    Talk soon,

  2. Nancy Gonzalez said:

    Hey, there… you need to update your “about” information. It says something WAY out of date like you’re never going to become a therapist! 🙂

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