"Helping people who help people"

I’m really nervous because this is my first ugly, gross “one page sales website.”  But it does the trick, so for now, sorry for the slickness.  I’ve been working on this way too long, since this summer I think.  I need to be kept honest and have too many people wanting it so by making it public I hope to get it done.

The next Networker magazine will have an article written by me on Twitter so I want this ready for those readers as well.  Deadlines – a good thing.

I’m not a normal marketer in that my approach is much more feet-on-the-ground, educationally based rather than having a lot of fluff, hype, then sharing a couple points, all while overcharging you AND upselling you on other stuff.  For any of you who have been to a workshop of my father and professional mentor, Bill Doherty, you walk away actually knowing stuff!  My specialty is to get people excited which, in my opinion, is half the battle in learning.  Boring stuff is hard to learn, don’t you think?

Check it out and please do sign up to be notified when it’s available.  I will not harass you if you sign up and don’t want to buy it later.  I’m way too busy for that.

Twitter for Therapists – learn more about it and sign up here.


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