"Helping people who help people"

I see it over and over.  It makes me sad.  I cringe.  I feel bad.

You see, my father is at the top of the therapy game, knows thousands of people, amazing organizations, researchers, therapists, writers.  I probably won’t have to buy any books as he seems to have given them a testimonial and has the book, or gets free copies as a key player in the field.

Why do I mention this?  I mention this because I know a lot of insider stuff.  Mostly really, really amazing stuff.  Geeky cool research based facts, or insider knowledge on why this particular person is extra impressive.  Or how that organization is doing trendsetting work.

And occasionally I get an email from my dad, with a link to the name or website of someone he recently was impressed by.

And this is where I get sad, or cringe, or feel bad.  Going to the website of these amazing people or organizations.

More often than not, the build up I’ve been given versus their website startling.  And the reason it makes me sad is because I know without an amazing online presence, these people or organizations are losing people, losing potential partnerships, media calls, interns, clients…

So how do you get awesome?

There are lots of factors, but I’d say even more important than what you say is your web design.  You can have amazing words on a horrid website design and you might as well be serving your gourmet food on plastic plates.  And the challenge with design is that it constantly evolves.  You should never expect to have the same website design for more than 3-4 years.  In fact on my therapy directory I run, the It firm has split out design from content so we have maximum ease when we want to update our look.

Organizing what you say is also crucial.  (I have an entire training on this topic because it’s so, so important to your reader and search engines!)  You want to make sure people know where to go based on why they’re coming to your website.  You also want to emphasis whatever is important across a variety of pages.  Afterall, you can’t have everything on your homepage, so how do you ensure the right things are on the homepage and other key information is clearly marked so people click to learn more?

Your Words are a big fat “duh” in being awesome.  For some reason therapists can be amazing in the clinical office, but as soon as they get on a keyboard they diarrhea grad school speak.  The other direction therapists may go is simply being too passionate and watered down in empathy.  There is a fine balance between empathy and explaining why they should hire YOU (vs why they should generally seek therapy.)

I’ve got two services that help with your online impression-making.  But whether you hire me or not, please be aware that you can be awesome in person, have a great word of mouth referral base, but if your website sucks, you’re going to lose people.


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