"Helping people who help people"

There are several ways to spin the story of yesterday in the Thomas household.  My energy level went through the roof and then crashed. I’m not sure if I should “work on that” or if it’s going to be a sad day when my soul doesn’t rise to the bliss of small but powerful moments.

The first way is just going whole hog with excitement:

MY COUPLES THERAPIST HUSBAND WAS ON THE LOCAL NEWS LAST NIGHT!!!!  http://bit.ly/cYCmCd I’m the one building the reputation in the therapy world and HE’S both the actual therapist AND the attention seeker so double yay!  A journalist was frantically calling tons of therapists all morning and my husband was the first one to answer!

The second way is to say, WOW, an associate level therapists lands on TV!  How did that happen?  Well, we’ve branded him well as not a “generic save everyone” therapist but as a specialized couples therapist.  Therefor the journalist would not have any concerns calling him regarding a couple issue (Brett Farve and his wife.)  But that’s not enough.  Through my search engine magic, he ranks high for a journalist to find him in the first place.  And when his website appears high it rightly or not demonstrates a level of trust him in as a therapist to journalists (and clients.)

The pessimistic story is that there won’t be much that will happen for him.  It was about twenty seconds, no link to his website, just passing reference to his very generic name and location.  He wasn’t the first person the journalist called so it wasn’t really about HIM as much as the needed voice of a professional.  It was a crapshoot that he was called.  And really, will that many more clients who find his website really call him because he was on TV for twenty seconds… (Oh, and compared to my father /his father-in-law, this is like learning to tie your shoes next to a 5 time Olympic runner…. though my father is way excited for him!)

The emotional message that I’ve been thinking about as I work behind the scenes on a relaunch of who I am and what I offer (insert a lot of excitement on THAT!) is this idea that therapists sometimes need a shot in the arm as marketing experts weigh them down with “rah rah” talk, or guilt-talk about what they should be doing.  This was clearly a HUGE boost for his optimism, ego, attention-seeking side and a fantastic way for him to connect with family and friends around a “I’m so proud of you” moment.  But this isn’t the only way to get a shot in the arm.  Sometimes the boost can be REALLY small.  Let’s say you usually get just one visitor to your website.  If you pay attention to your website traffic and post something, maybe FIVE people find your website.  Seriously.  That is not a dorky reason to be excited!  My blog traffic is going up, but that same number applied to my other websites would give me a heart attack because those websites give me significantly more daily web visitors.  No matter, for THIS blog and my goals on THIS business, I’m honestly really excited.

On a bigger scale, perhaps you say you’re risk-averse to spending money but will set up a Google ad to run, knowing you may ultimately lose some money but you WILL get some client emails or calls that you desperately need to feed your shrinking ego.  The email or call may be that little shot in the arm you need, even if rationally you set up the ads really badly and lose more money than what the client brings you.

And this all spins around to the real relaunch of who I am and what fires me up.  The simplest word is about mindset.  And about a paradigm shift in my thinking (and my helping you with your very human, normal but sometimes unhelpful thoughts.)  And about being a bit of a rebel marketer.  Stay tuned for more. 🙂


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