"Helping people who help people"

Frugal Marketing

I’m annoying myself and thought I’d share.  See, I’m a somewhat frugal person when it comes to areas of my life that I feel at all competent in.  This includes learning just enough to hack websites (ones I ethically get free), or to make my own cookies instead of buying cookie dough.  The $350 I spent on Dreamweaver seemed ridiculous five years ago, but we were tired of constantly nit picking changes to our webmaster with someones week or more delays.  This was the software he recommended so we could update our own website (and I’ve had up to 15 different websites I run on Dreamweaver so it’s very flexible!) I hadn’t ever played with websites before and there I was putting $350 into a software program that I was going to have to learn on my own.  Well, on my own as in spending another $40 for a book.

Turns out that $400 or so has saved me literally tens of thousands of dollars.  It’s made two websites still exist today when both were sinking on the ship of Web Marketing Ignorance.  What that really means is my work has helped thousands of couples get the marriage help they needed.  (That feels GOOD!)  It’s also empowered me to redo my website designs as business changes.  Now as things grow and change (as they do for all of us!) I have the free tools to change things around.  The alternative is to hem and haw, pay someone lots of money and hope what they do is something I like and something that will work.

Where do I sit today?  I know a professional copywriter could help with a few pages of some of my sites, but I’m TOO FRUGAL to hire any of them.  I’m just not convinced that $175 for a quick 50 minute analysis of a single page would create $175 or more worth of sales that I wouldn’t already have earned on my own.

I’m trying to get free e-book cover designs but finding that without the skill or software, I’m forced to beg my husband to help me or hire out.

I’ve been listening to audios of amazing entrepreneurs, falling in love with them, then going to their price page and gasping.  GASPING!  $497 for a one hour business consultation.  “Spend an intense 12 hour day” for $7,600 with someone else.  Setting up Pay Per Click for at least $500-$900, not including the money you put into the actual ads (at least $50/month.)  All of this seems painful and expensive and without faith that it works, hard to bite.

So what’s a therapist to do?  Great question.

Part of my passion is frugal marketing (hence the search engine optimization work that I teach but in a more expansive business strategy sense).  But another part of my passion is helping therapists figure out where to strategically spend their money.  This is really why I exist in the first place.  If there were people out there who could talk straight, give me the full context of what they’re selling, plus ALL my other options, I’d feel more at ease.  Instead every expert not only hard sells what they do, but they don’t give you the downsides to their area, and often they don’t even address our mental health profession.

As my husband said the other day, I don’t just love to teach things, but I love to invent new systems.  So in the coming months you’ll see a lot of exciting changes, new products and coaching opportunities that fit all levels of frugalness.  In the process I hope to shift some mindsets out there where spending any money seems foolish when it’s the other way around.

With the right level of empowerment, an educated mindset for marketing and business, and the moxy to trust your gut, I know success is possible.  My goal is to broaden your understanding of what’s possible and send you to the right places so you can spend your money wisely.  If you haven’t already, please sign up for my list to be aware of new products/services.


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