"Helping people who help people"

I have a banner image, but just wanted to say Casey Truffo (the amazing woman who spent 45K to get an office going and then realized she had no CLIENTS to fill her beautiful office!) has gathered a lot of amazing people to talk about all sorts of things related to private practice building.  I firmly believing knowing your OPTIONS is vital to internet marketing.  My role is part-educator and part-consultant (watch for more options to learn with me soon) as I’m on the ground myself and do not have a team to dedicate personalized help to each of you.  So while the cost of the conference is a decent chunk of change I believe you’ll learn  about a lot of different topics.  From there you should trust your instincts and areas that empassion you and go with those!  Whether it’s pay per click, social media, giving workshops, there is a lot to learn from what is an hourly rate for some marketers…and it’s 18 speakers!  I can honestly advertise for Casey because she has the power to gather a lot of great people with ease for you (you can listen live or on recordings later.)  And remember, one client who comes to you two sessions generally pays for conferences or trainings like mine.  That client stays on and you’d be a fool not to spend $200-$300 and earn $1,000 or more!

Here’s the Private Practice Conference link!  (I’ll be listening to the conference myself and will be able to share more after it happens!)


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