"Helping people who help people"

I’ve asked on Twitter but will ask here as well. If you have a few minutes to donate to helping fellow therapists shoot me an email at info [at] elizabethdohertythomas […dot…com] and I’ll email you the simple questions that I’d love your answers to.

In the meantime, as I craft this big blog post, which may end up being a webpage article or if it gets too big and time consuming, I may create an e-book and charge a small amount.  (Hint: if you share your wisdom you get the final product even if it ends up being an e-book.)   I want you, for those on Twitter, to see how ENGAGED you are on Twitter. By engagement I mean how much do you @ people, RT people, not how often you blather on with a random quote, or link to your own stuff. Twitter is about engagement and I’m going to share what I believe are REALLY fun, interesting stories and connections I’ve been able to build. All of that in the hopes of helping you see the Twitter potential. And as I crabbed about a few posts back, Twitter and social media are for the most part NOT about getting clients. And yet there are many reasons to do social media, depending on your personality and patience level.

This may take a while because, well, a lot of people want to see their stats but go to tweetstats.com and see your stats.  I am very pleased that 75% of my Tweets are talking to people or retweeting what I found interesting from someone else.  It means that I’m learning how to stop talking AT people and talk WITH people, which is the entire POINT of Twitter.  And I can tell you that the numbers of followers has almost no bearing on your success.  I have 2,400+ followers on @TheFirstDance and I can go weeks without any engagement, gain followers, and get nothing for it.  But my new account, @MarriageKids has just 230 or so followers so far (just started in July) and I have a lot of fun.


Comments on: "Twitter Successes and Uses for Therapists" (1)

  1. I’m still pretty clueless about using Twitter to market my practice. I understand Facebook a bit and have my FB Fanpage (http://thepassiondoctor.com) where I post daily quotes (that I mirror on Twitter) and ask questions to create community. Twitter, doesn’t make as much sense to me though.

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