"Helping people who help people"

One of my e-books was getting so hard to write and I finally realized yesterday it’s because it isn’t an e-book. It’s a service. And the topic is based on my shock, awe, horror, gasping experiences at what I can learn about therapists that they may very likely be totally unaware they are exposing.

I jokingly call it “stalking”, a better term would be sleuthing. Either way, I have no intentions when I sleuth people beyond seeing what I can learn. To be perfectly honest, none of what I learn is really interesting. The biggest joy I get is in the discovery itself. I came out of HR, so I’m well beyond the thrill of finding out personal information on people. The biggest group I find I sleuth are those self-proclaimed millionaires who suck away your money trying to get you to buy their stuff. I have discovered so-called millionaires living in homes worth $70,000. Makes you go “hm….!” Another internet marketing guy who claims he increased a clients referrals 300%. Guess who that client is? HIMSELF!? Why he didn’t just say he’s also a professional masseuse and used his information to help his own business is beyond me.

My father has realized my powers and now, after wasting an appropriate amount of effort (say, 20 minutes or so), he’ll shoot me an email needing to find something out – this last time it was an email of an important person because his message was too complex to call her. In under sixty seconds I had the email and my dad was amazed. It just comes naturally to me to dig and logically work my way through finding the information I need.

Whether you are a paranoid therapist or not, it is useful to know how exposed you are. Someone I know is totally exposed and there is logic behind why (setting up the business name and license address before having an office is an easy slip, because you have to put your home address.) But sometimes therapists end up sharing their home, their spouse, where they live, who their kids are, their personal goings on if you’re a runner, or member of a religious group. It’s not so much that it matters, per se, but it’s more important to know it’s out there for clients to find.

If this is of interest, I do the sleuthing ON you FOR you and present you with everything I can learn about you. If there are ways to tighten up security, I’ll share those as well.

Are You Exposed Online is a fun new service! And if you subscribe to getting news on my latest products or services, I have a discount on this service for those people that expires on Sunday.


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