"Helping people who help people"

I am so proud that my second article came out in this September 2010 edition.  The editor, Rich Simon, said this second one makes me a “true journalist.”  Not sure about THAT, but it was still great fun to research and write.  Allying with the Internet is an exciting topic for me because I have been an active internet user and community member since the mid-1990’s way back when “meeting people from the computer” was considered not too far from having a date with an ax murderer.  When I become a therapist in a few years I’m going to have fun engaging people where they already are: online.  When I work with engaged couples I’ll ask which websites they are on, what message boards they are using, and how that is going for them.  For pregnant or new moms, or anyone else, I’ll add to their support system list which websites or message boards they are on.  It is invaluable information for a therapist because I know from first hand experience that online communities can have a dramatic impact (positive OR negative) on life stages and general mental health.

I am also excited because my first article, Website Marketing on a Shoestring, was more about launching my husbands private practice through search engine optimization.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE website marketing, but I am so much more than therapy marketing.  My passions, interests, opinions, motivations, and dreams for the profession extend well beyond the technical, dull elements of Google and general marketing tips.  My husbands website, Minnesota Couples Counseling, was the first website I could completely write and I have had a lot of compliments on it.  I can’t wait for my own website, once I get that little old “graduate school” and license taken care of.  😉 In the mean time I’ll be writing more non-therapy marketing on my Elizabeth Doherty Thomas website, which has my first article on my Journey towards Purging Facebook friends.

__ update __

send in your questions, like this great one from a therapist friend whom I’ll answer this weekend in a new blog post!

LesliDoares (via Twitter)

@MarriageKids Congrats! Question is how does a therapist keep up with all the information available to their clients on line?


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