"Helping people who help people"

Therapists using Blogs

Why do good things happen when you have the least ability to deal with them?  I have had some long days with my small children (potty training one and chicken pox with my already-vaccinated son) with wild things like new consulting gigs for website stuff, or a CNN reporter contacting me at my premarital counseling website.  I’m so aware of the calendar and my next Networker magazine article coming out in the September issue and not having my new e-books ready.

In any event, I have to say while my last post was a bit critical of social media to find clients, it’s a FUN way to connect with colleagues, laugh, share resources and create new relationships.  From a tweet today I found a great link to therapy blogs!  Check all these out and I hope you find them inspirational.  I have always been a fan of therapists blogging and have a lot more I’ve posted (see Blog help) category, and can say in the future but for now, enjoy the link.  I also just launched a Facebook ad for my husbands therapy practice.  He got a call but per usual, not sure where the client came from til the intake.  How cool if it was a same-day set up and action?


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