"Helping people who help people"

This blog post is in honor of an amazing blessing that has just happened to me.  I met the closest person to my Twin in terms of our mutual love and admiration for mental health and therapy AND our love of entrepreneurship and the business world.  Yes, we are both turned on by talking about the process of self-change, the art and science of therapy, AND the Old Spice commercials.

This journey has been very fast.  About twenty four hours ago we connected on Twitter after I only met her once doing a therapy marketing presentation to a group of new therapists, two or so years ago.  She shared via Twitter what she was plotting and I gasped.  Oh no!  Her website was really attractive.  She was doing a lot of what I do.  But she offers a website solution in-house ( I just refer people to various solutions.)  Lots of emotions flooded me and truth be told, I zipped through her entire website, reading everything, hoping there was some fatal flaw or reason why I was better.  (Competition can be ugly, folks!)

She had a few questions for me and I had a LOT of questions about what she was doing.  So we met.  Last night!  For four hours.

This person who was intimidating, with real world experience growing her own practice, networked with a bunch of people, was launching…what?  my dream?  Well, no, not quite my dream.  Maybe part of my dream if I had all the time in the world.  But something similar to what ignites my passion.

In four hours I shared with her MY dreams, MY plotting, MY ideas as she also shared hers.  We connected.  We were real. And in less than twenty four hours, we have amazing plans set to help embolden therapists on their marketing journey!  We’re even meeting tonight in the location where we’re going to hold our first event (in October for those twin cities folks reading this) to plot things out.

What happened?  Someone I could have scorned, feared, or felt superior to has turned into an amazing business partner.  There is power in numbers, not to mention deep friendships to be made in working together.  And quite literally we are going to be able to reach MORE PEOPLE TOGETHER than either of us alone.  Even if we make slightly less money, say, doing an event, than if we were doing it alone, we will have a lot more fun in the process.

And if we prove to ourselves that we’re capable of launching this first big idea, there are a lot more bold ideas in the hopper and a lot of real people will benefit from our ideas (not to mention therapists we bring along for the ride.)  So I encourage you to seek out people IN your exact same city who do EXACTLY the same thing you do (or aspire to do.)  You may be in for quite a pleasant surprise.  And if you’re really intrigued by all these “ideas” I’m talking about, stay tuned.  We’ve only just connected less than 24 hours ago.  Give us a few hours to put our thoughts down.  And do share if you’ve similarly connected and built bridges with “competitors.”


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