"Helping people who help people"

Inspiration for Marketing

I think knowledge without energy, motivation, or inspiration is fairly useless.  Inspiration and ideas without strategic follow through is just frustrating.  But blending the two and you can create magic!

One of my main values I want to bring to the overall hyper-competitive world of marketing is my ability to *INSPIRE* therapists.   When I can get people freaked about computers to want to do something, I have “won.”  I do not care if they don’t understand every tiny element of marketing because frankly, marketing is really a huge, crazy experiment that nobody can predict how it’ll end.  For every person with the perfect sales copy, perfectly designed website, there is someone who doesn’t even have a website who is wildly successful.

For a peak into what goes on in my head when I get inspired, let me explain my inner-thoughts.

You have a type of client you work with.  (In my case it’s the vulnerable or overwhelmed therapist, though sometimes it’s the saavy therapist who just needs a few cool tips or pointers.)

As you work with them, listen to their stories, listen to their FEEDBACK on your services and conversations with them.  I am always listening for ways to help them because they represent countless more people who aren’t aware I exist or who aren’t actually engaging with me (but who read my blog.)  It helps that you are just one person with limited time because it means there are things you love but know you don’t have time to get into with the client.  Or the client isn’t willing to give the time, or money for your personal services but would love a written version.

This is where the magic comes in.  The magic may be a new, exciting article that can really help explain an element of what you do.  Or it can be a zippy article you know you can share on your social media and people will LOVE and pass forward.  Or it may just be… an E-BOOK!   There are some things that may be best bound up in a little “book”.  It can be just 10 pages, or 100 pages, but the idea is you are willing to spend a lot of mental energy and time explaining something if you know you’ll get some compensation.  And if you don’t really sell any, you aren’t really “out” anything but some time because your marketing plan may simply be letting whomever comes to your website potentially buy it.  And by simply having an E-book you may find you build instant credibility.

The e-books I’m working on in my limited time lately include:

  • Internet sleuthing – what clients can find out about you online (a guide to stalking yourself online!)
  • Writing a therapy profile – the A to Z guide from photo to messaging yourself and therapy in general, to strategies you can employ to analyze results
  • Twitter strategy – how I have used Twitter to build strategic relationships  (Not a “how to use twitter” that you can find anywhere)

The price points will be very reasonable.  E-books provide more “options” to plugging into my brain beyond this blog, articles on my website, or my audio-trainings or personalized website reviews.  And notice these are not guides you really find out there.  This is one of my rules – don’t reinvent the wheel.  If someone is doing something, awesome, it’s one less thing I need to try to invent.  (My inspiration comes from the new and different.  Yours may come from a different direction, like your personal stories, or your client base, or your love of poetry, etc.)

What are you good at, or what do you reinvent in every client session that you may be able to assign as homework (in that case you’d give it away free) or what might someone buy to get a better sense of you?  They may read it and then seek your counseling services because they built trust and respect for you.

HOW do you do this, exactly?  It’s insanely simple.  You write something up in Word.  Convert it to a PDF.  (There are free converters online if you don’t have the ability to write into PDF.)  Then use a service like e-junkie to manage the sales and downloads.  I use e-junkie for The First Dance business and my Thomas Consultation.  There are lots of great bells and whistles with them and subscriptions start at just $5/month for up to I think 9 products or audios.  You can also pay attention if you’re ever on a website with download e-books to see what company they use to compare and contrast pricing and options.  There are a lot of businesses out there that help you with downloads and shopping carts.


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