"Helping people who help people"

I ran into a FANTASTIC solution to find images for your website.  Yes, therapysites and others have huge libraries.  That’s great.  But if you’re not a member and need photos for brochures, business card, website… this is what I’m using for the Marriage Friendly Therapist website makeover.

Head over to ThinkStockPhotos.com.  I am going to do the $249 month subscription where you can get up to 750 images (note, however, you can ONLY use images in that window of time… so be ready to launch when you download the photos.  They don’t want the images hoarded when they have no use.)  You can buy just five images for $25, I think.

I tell ya, some of these images create a web article all by themselves!  It’s heartbreaking to know the pain couples are experiencing out there and these images really speak to an emotional truth.


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