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If you hate to write

I ran into someone at my last presentation who hates to write.  I get it.  I really do!  There are lots of things that make me cringe and I would do almost anything to avoid.  Or maybe you wish you had the time, energy, focus, or “something important” to write about.

Here are a few quick ideas:

Think of yourself not as a writer but as a resource.  If you love to READ cool things, you can create a blog, or even have a website, filled with great paths for people to learn more.  I say this sincerely that you can be someone’s “Google” within your area of passion and interest.  If I like you, I’ll just keep going back to your website and following your links rather than web surfing for a bunch of crap websites.

Don’t think of it as writing as much as sharing in a small conversation… 3-5 paragraphs can be more powerful than a long article.  If your content is great people don’t care if you’re not an amazing writer.  In fact it may be more endearing to some people.  (At least that’s what I hope as people read my stuff.)

If you’re really itching, either try writing something or have a conversation with a professional writer (or journalism student) who can tweak your writing or craft, from your verbal ideas, some great written material.

Talk in Q&A format instead of an article.  Write out common questions people have on the topic, then write out the short answers.  No need to create flow, a narrative, or worry much about any writing rules.

Use video!  Get a cheap video camera, set up a You Tube account, and talk!  There is nothing wrong with that and you may just get quite a fan base going of non-readers or web surfers who may only find you because of You Tube.


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