"Helping people who help people"

A day in the life

I’m at the annual Smart Marriages conference and I thought I’d share my bizarre life.  I met someone on Facebook, we emailed quite a bit, are working on collaborating online.  Today I am giving a presentation on my website stuff, and in the middle of the presentation he mentions who he is.  Only after my presentation do I get to “meet” him for real!

Then tonight I’m eating dinner with the famous John Gray of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, alongside Scott Haltzman who has written numerous marriage books, and Yakof Smirnoff, the famous comedian from the TV show Night Court.  My dad gave a fantastic banquet talk on “On Being Better Husbands.”  It’s an interesting “side” to another side of the gender issue with women that may result in another book my dad and I write together.  I have a ton of reading to do on what’s out there before we could hone in on the exact topic and confirm it’s worth writing but it’s a very cool topic that makes people almost gasp when I tell them about it.

Now I’m online talking to my husband via Google Chat, catching up on his day with our small children, before I sleep.  I am going to two presentations tomorrow, one by Pat Love who I haven’t seen “in action”, and another on “Presenting as a couple”, by a married couple.  Both should be great!  And I’ve gotten to know Don Gordon, a really amazing researcher and entrepreneur who is also a retired professor.  And I have way too many people wanting to hire me than I have time to manage.  It’s actually not a “nice” problem to have!  It’s the problem when you train others and they want you to do it, but you’re not “just a trainer” but someone in the trenches with actual work on my own websites.  It’s what makes me unique but time-limited!

In any event, WELCOME to all my new blog readers from my latest MAMFT article and Smart Marriages presentations! 🙂


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