"Helping people who help people"

A Ball of Nerves

This is me and your prospective clients talking.  I’m stressed for my final quiz and counseling role play.  The entire semester was rolled into five super-fast days and now I have a 10 minute role play where I have to offer: lots of primary empathy (you feel _____ because____), a few “clarifying questions”, a self-disclosure, an advanced empathy statement, a challenging discrepancy, and use immediacy. Fortunately this is just an undergraduate “extra” class I’m taking since I already have my psychology bachelors and don’t “need” this class for graduate school.  But that doesn’t actually stop me from being a perfectionist about it and wanting a fantastic grade.

But for your clients, simply contacting you for therapy is stressful.  If any of you reading this offer a small script or tidbits to clients on what to say in a phone call or email, I’d love to see it and will share it with others (and link to your website, which helps your search engine marketing.)  I definitely plan on including this helpful information when I’m a therapist in the future because clients have no idea how much or little they should share about anything!  And I hear from my husband the various levels of information he’s given from clients and it makes me feel bad for the clients who may be presenting a certain affect but it’s only because they don’t know what to say or do.

And speaking of “immediacy”, having a helpful tips on what to say in a voicemail or email is an awesome way to connect with your prospective clients, making them feel that you GET how hard it is to even begin the process.

And coming soon (hopefully) are two e-books.  One will be on the therapy profile itself, tons of helpful advice, and the other book will be on internet sleuthing yourself so you can find out what clients can learn about you if they’re saavy and stalker-like!  These are two much needed topics and the sleuthing one will be aided by a therapist colleague who is extra amazing at internet detective work.


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