"Helping people who help people"

I’ve been managing to get an entire college class in a summer session (6 total days) and I’m also dealing with my small kids full time so not a lot of inspiration to be had on this blog for a while.

In learning basic counseling skills it’s fun to reflect on how and why therapists do what they do online.  I think straight marketers try for basic empathy and meeting base needs while a lot of therapists want to have a bit more “meat” to their marketing then just the stereotypical “I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel your pain.”  The balance is the great mystery!

I also find it fascinating how therapy is a two-part sell.  The first part is convincing someone to actually GET into therapy and the second is to get into therapy WITH YOU.  Some therapists assume the client knows therapy works and move straight into what you *DO*, via your theoretical orientation.  This backfires big time because you talk mumble jumble and don’t do some basic empathy of how seeking help can be hard to do.


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