"Helping people who help people"

Therapy Profiles

I’ve either got an e-book in me, or potentially a personalized service where I’d interview you and create a profile for you.  There are so, so, so many things profiles can do to help or hurt you.  It seems a lot of therapists aren’t really thinking super hard about what they say or what photo they are using.  I don’t blame them.  A profile can hit you at your least creative moment, where you sign up for a website and just want to go back to your long day, not be insightful and brilliant with the written word.  But to know how much you spend to have a listing somewhere, and have no profile, or a bad profile, it makes me want to be a stalker, taking magazine letters cut out and anonymously tell therapists what they’re doing wrong.

Stay tuned soon.  I’m entering my month of full time motherhood on top of an entire college class in 6 full days (counseling skills class before applying to graduate school this winter.)  I hope to get an e-book or two or three written before then.  My goal is to make low priced e-books that you can immediately put into use…checklists that don’t necessarily explain *WHY’s* behind things, but that you can just confirm yes, no, and set things up if you don’t have them.

Just like clients want to know you a little before signing up with therapy, my blog or e-books are a great way for you to get to know me and trust me before spending bigger money with me.  Because goodness knows how many people are out there talking about internet marketing… oi vey, the awful advice, the clueless advice, the advice not remotely geared towards the nuance of a therapist.  Makes me shudder.


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