"Helping people who help people"

The Co-Founder of Marriage Friendly Therapists is Kathleen Wenger, whom I get the joy of seeing about once a year in Laguna Beach.  She works at Pepperdine University, where this therapist intern went to school.  This is how I know this guy early in his still-young career experienced burnout after highly successful internet marketing.  I know he put a lot into Google Ads, and I have to say, his website to my marketing eyes is both exhausting (to imagine all the work he put in!) and AMAZING.  It really is a dream site in many respects.  I will definitely be using his website as a fantastic example as I build my own private practice website some day.

After you surf around, consider he gets $150/session.  He’s still an intern-level therapist in California.  And you’d never really know he’s an intern as a prospective client based on all that he has to say on the site.

The part that scares me in general, and part of why I’m so passionate about helping therapists with their websites, is this guy has a lot less experience than many of you reading this, and yet to a prospective client, he may appear more experienced and more competent.  This is not a put down to THIS therapist, but more an encouragement and reality check that many of you do not appear even remotely passionate or interesting on your websites compared to someone like him.  And yes, in some ways he’s going to draw a certain type of client over someone else.  You have to trust your instincts and know who you are as a therapist.  My husband, for example, is super against ‘quizzes’ and things he views as more Cosmo-magazine and less demonstrative of the gravitas of therapy.  Of course, this California therapist likely has a lot more clients, so it’s a battle of integrity, marketing-saavy, and what works for your practice and level of comfort.


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