"Helping people who help people"

I just wanted to share this therapy website.  Obviously I like it in part because she does a lot of things I want more therapists to do.  For example, instead of having bullet points of human suffering, have DETAILS, articles, content, describe how you help people with those presenting problems.  I say on this blog and in my website audio-trainings like a broken record…imagine your entire world has crashed into bits.  You are totally shattered and are looking for help online.  You’ve been vomiting, not sleeping, snapping at everyone around you, can’t focus, can’t stop crying.  You begin your online search.  This could be for any reason.  Your spouse is cheating.  Your kid tried to kill herself.  You saw a horrendous car accident or your nephew just died.

You discover The THING That Has Ruined You is just a bullet point on a therapists website.  A bullet point?  That’s all my pain is worth to you?  Are you sure you are an expert in “MY pain?”  And if you have a bullet point list of human suffering, what happens if my particular issue isn’t on your list?  Does that mean I’m only worthy of…gasp, an “excetera?”  I’ll probably go to someone else who talks more about my pain and how they can help.  Or, if all else fails, at least find myself on a bullet point list on another therapists website.

I made the link of that therapists website to an article I really appreciate because it hits an issue directly “what is a counselor vs friend?”  In a few minutes on her website, do you feel like you know her?  I do.  It’s a good thing to “ooze” your personality!  It makes it more likely you’ll be contacted.  Or, at the very least, help someone even if they don’t call you for therapy. And notice she doesn’t sound like a used car salesman with slick marketing talk.

There really is so, so much you can write about.  I hope her website whets your writers appetite!


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