"Helping people who help people"

I just got sucked into one of those powerful solicitation emails for Wordtracker.  I am doing a month subscription (after doing two annual subscriptions and realizing my time is so limited I should just do a month, grab more information than I have time to absorb, then analyze that information throughout the next few months in Excel files.)

I am finding thousands of interesting phrases that people use that I would not have thought about on my own…or that I would not be able to assess traffic volume on.  For example “cheating wife” gets 4,587 mentions in Wordtracker, while “wife cheating” only gets 353.  That’s a HUGE difference!!

The reason marketing  your website should never end is because everyone is growing.  Psychology Today has bloggers because they know Content Is King.  Every other website model out there (Your Tango, Ezine places, Examiner, Hitched…to name a few) realizes that it’s more strategic to have OTHER people write…people embedded into communities, with lots of followers, and who write for FREE…than to hire expensive journalists.

But remember your main competition is other therapists or educators.  If you are able to write a lot of fantastic content, you may find you have a lot more clients, for free, than your competition who pays a LOT of money for Google Adwords.  Why?  People trust Google and if they type in some phrase, and your website shows up, they’re more likely to trust you.  And the more content you have, the more you are engaging them beyond the simple, “call me!  I do therapy!”

I have just created an explosion of work for myself on Marriage Friendly Therapists after attending a workshop and thinking more deeply about WHY people get couples counseling.  (Think: sex, money, kids, household responsibilities.)  I’m doing keyword research now and then will be thinking through the structure of the website to figure out how to logically add all this new, fantastic content.  But remember: if you repeat the same thing every other website says…you may not be helping yourself.  Think deeper about what you want to write about.  It doesn’t have to be long, verbose prose.  But it should engage your reader in who YOU are, or how YOU work, or YOUR stance on the issue. And, in my not so subtle opinion, it should provide HOPE.  Afterall, therapy is mostly about HOPE.  Hope for improved symptoms, less stress, more joy.

Simply put: Don’t be a Cosmo top ten cover story.  You know too much to be that simplistic.


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