"Helping people who help people"




This is what many therapists say when they advertise or describe themselves.  To be really blunt: WTF? (what the heck, for those who don’t know what the letters stand for…)

I’m the daughter and wife of therapists.  I work with hundreds of therapists online and know many more in person.  I still don’t know what “integration” looks like of “eclectic modalities.”  I know what EMDR is, and IMAGO, and EFT.  But I couldn’t tell you if those are theories, systems, models, or modalities.  Oi vey…and I’m an insider!

It sounds a bit like a hair stylist going wild.  Who knows what’s going to happen to you in the end.  Don’t look in the mirror!  She’s integrating eclectic treatment modalities!  Hopefully you recognize yourself when she’s done!  I guess the hair will grow back no matter what happens and few people die on the chair.

Seriously.  Therapy already has a bad rap for being a middle class, white, female thing.  Do fancy words that nobody ever uses in real life need to be used, EVER, except in the private confines of graduate school or therapists-only conferences?  Keep your lingo hidden in the closet.

If you are ever in doubt about what you’re saying, think about it in terms of having a really painful arm and you’re looking for a doctor.  Does the doctor treat arms and have openings soon?  Sign me up!  I don’t care if the doctor has some complex theoretical orientation to the philosophical purposes and goals of an arm.  It hurts!  I want it to NOT hurt!  Talk about my awful arm in professional lingo with your fellow doctors, but leave me out of your foreign language speak.


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  1. What a delight for someone to speak so frankly about our therapist lingo bologna! How refreshing. Thanks, Elizabeth! It has taken me some time but I have worked for a couple of years now on getting the lingo OUT of my practice. If I start into lingo now I take it as a sign that I’m feeling anxious and I need to shut up and calm down and really listen to my clients some more.

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