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Testing an email feature

I am far from high tech on all manners of life.  I dial my cell phone, ignoring my speed dial, my contact list, and my voice command prompt.

I don’t do RSS feeds for blogs I read, but prefer to bookmark them “old school style” and read them at my leisure.

And just today I did Skype for the very, very first time!  It was made easy by walking into my fathers office at home and he has the web cam, my sister-in-law and nephew had called to say “hi” and I didn’t have to do a thing.  Pretty cool technology!

This blog has an email subscription service but no documentation (or perhaps it’s me refusing to look up documentation.)  I’ve set myself up and I’ll see how it works!  I’m not a fan of getting an email when a blog is updated, but I know others might and if it’s a free feature that takes no effort on my part, I’ll all for it!


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