"Helping people who help people"

I’m working with Therapy Sites to offer you a free month when you sign up with them!  If you see the ad on this blog you’ll notice you just have to enter the code: “promoET” to get a free month.  I met these folks at the Networker Conference.  While there are a lot of limits to these websites (the biggest is that there are limited designs, but they are working on adding more), I just did a trial and wow… this is a fantastic solution for a lot of therapists I know.  If you are afraid of writing, have limited time but want to get something up NOW, or have no clue what you’re doing and just want to press a few buttons and have something set up LITERALLY in minutes, this is a great solution.  And any time you have a  template solution you WILL have limits.  It’s the nature of the beast and you save thousands not hiring a webmaster.  For whatever limits you have, there is a lot of freedom you have as well.  (If you’ve ever given a little bit of website content to your webmaster, waited a week, then got a heavy bill you understand!)

The nice thing about websites is nothing is permanent.  If you hate your current solution you can switch.  If you don’t want to COMMIT, Therapy Sites has no contracts.  My biggest passion is to GET PEOPLE ONLINE!  And Therapy Sites has always been the benchmark from which I look at all other solutions (including the solution I offer, which requires a bigger set up fee and a lot more work on your end to gather all the web content.)  Thus I don’t feel I’m competing with myself being able to offer a two tiered website solution.  Besides, as I build a relationship with Therapy Sites I may be able to get them to do more! 🙂  There are things I’d do like removing all the articles and links pages on their site because it’s all stuff that takes your web surfer AWAY from you.   You always want to make sure you don’t overdose people with information so their resources page may also be heavily parred down based on your client population.

My trainings are still really invaluable as you consider what to call your website name (the domains article on their site is not quite on par for therapists and there is a lot more nuance I talk about in my trainings.)  Marketing is WELL beyond “submitting your website to search engines” and your website content can go well beyond the canned text they give you as starter material.  Similar, how you organize your website can play a huge role in its readership and success.  As I love to say, the greatest article ever written is NO GOOD if it’s buried so deep inside your website, or displayed poorly (aka inside an “articles page”…how uninviting is that??)  The biggest thing I can tell you about their SEO (search engine optimization or “ranking high on search engines”) information is that it’s very “straight arrow” information while my information cares as much for the “art” of marketing and search engines.  They have to play to a general crowd so they do a good job trying to teach really boring, techie stuff as simply as possible.

Simple self disclosure.  Any business who wants an endorsement to make really good profits (if you pay $59/month for years I consider that good profit) is likely going to have an ‘affiliate’ system.  I have done this with Therapy Sites because I believe it is a viable web solution.  Thus, it’s a three-way win.  You save $59 because of me, I get a small commission for “being the advertiser” for them, and they get new customers.  My goal is to stay in educator mode.  Thus you’ll see an ever-growing list of my website recommendations…whether it’s a very affordable template I make no money on ($99), or ways I make a little money.  My website solution is fantastic, but I was looking for something I could endorse that is simplier/cheaper  but still robust and professional.  Therapy Sites fits that bill even though I lose a lot of money recommending them in contrast to going with my website solution.  I am open to ANY website solution I can endorse and I will NEVER make money being an “affiliate” for websites I don’t believe in (and there are many out there…)


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