"Helping people who help people"

This blog is inspired by my own natural progression in the world of the internet.  It started out writing a book with my father and along the way we’ve hit a lot of bumps and frustrations and fantastic questions regarding being a “merchant” selling stuff.

Our audience is engaged couples, parents of engaged couples, marriage educators, clergy, therapists, wedding coordinators, etc.  Right now we sell our book on our website, and we sell via an Amazon link where we make a small commission if people click on our Amazon link and end up buying ANYTHING (not just our book.)  That’s all fine until you realize how many other people out there believe in your book and have no easy way, in their role, of sharing the book.  It’s a bit awkward for many therapists and educators to handle cash on the fly to sell a book.  We tried this, offering a discount to those who resell it.   OK, so that doesn’t work, but what could?

Meanwhile we had enormous bank fees for accepting credit cards and that had to STOP!  In doing some research, I finally found the answer to so many of my dilemmas!  E-Junkie! I was able to wipe out our insane bank fees, drop our Authorize . net account, and only pay when we had sales.  And even BETTER, we could now allow therapists, educators, and anyone else (including YOU!) recommend our book and make a little bit of the profit.  Why on earth would we do this?  The reality is we can sell few books, or we can sell a lot of books with your help.  And for your efforts, we’d love to help you out.  Afterall, this is exactly what your local book store does.  They get the books in discount and make a little profit reselling them.  You deserve the money as much as the book store owner!

E-Junkie works on both ends.  I can now find people who sell e-books, recommend those books to my website audience, and make as much as I make selling my OWN books.  Everyone chooses their own commission rate and the higher the commission, the more likely I will be to try to sell it.  The ejunkie website basically manages things behind the scenes so if someone clicks through from your website to mine, it knows they are going to get the commission.  It is VERY hard to set up what are called “affiliate” systems on your own.

Beyond this commission stuff, Ejunkie makes it really simple to sell stuff.  You have huge flexibility on taxes, shipping,  “buy now” vs “add to cart” buttons and you can even put MP3 recordings on it!  I use this for my website trainings and it’s fantastic.  I have massive files and there is no way I could easily store them, let alone easily get those massive files to you if you purchased them online.  E-junkie then sends the final cash amount to whoever you use for credit card processing, whether that be Pay Pal, Google, Authorize, or many other credit card processors.  The difference is those processors can’t handle complex shipping, they don’t handle affiliates, they can’t send free copies of things (I can send free links to products via ejunkie.)

If you ever want to create e-books, have MP3 files, or want to sell your real books (at your author discount rates), I recommend at least checking out Ejunkie.  If you want to read our book, Take Back Your Wedding: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning,  to potentially recommend and resell it, let me know.  We give 50% of our profit on the e-book version and 25% on the paperback version.  You’d set yourself up as an affiliate of The First Dance : Join our Affiliate Program here. You then grab whichever books (the e-book and/or paperback) code you want and put it on your own website.  It’s simple and it’s pure because you’re linking them back to us to buy the book and simply having it on a potentially long list of recommended books you already have on your website.


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