"Helping people who help people"

As an educator, I really want to make sure people know their OPTIONS.  You normally won’t see OPTIONS because you land on a website solution (like therapsites.com or the one I offer), or you land on a webmaster who presents you with a website.  Unfortunately it can be impossible to predict how much energy you’ll have for your website.  I trained a therapist on how to DO his own edits and now he’s a crazy website addict!  He’s middle aged, non-techie, and even has brain damage from chemo.  If he can do this, anyone can.  But, do you aspire to learning all the techie stuff?

If you have no inspirations for a website, you may not even want one.  But if you’re curious, you’re going to want to consider the future.  The future may be that you become hot to trot with social media, writing, and really want and need to have a “living” website, with new stuff added quite often.  Your personality may be OK with a webmaster charging good money and potentially taking a while to make updates.  Or you may realize you will “pay” for immediate access to your own site.  Both are valid options, but send you in VERY different directions.  Webmasters are artists (or programmers with horrid design skills) and you’ll have a unique website (or a really ugly one…)  The artistic site will cost you the price of your sanity working with your webmaster.  On the other hand, are you OK having a less “artistic” website but having access to doing your own updates?

I’m going to create a little video laying all this out. But I just wanted to get a blog post out in the midst of my lifes chaos!  🙂


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