"Helping people who help people"

I’m sure some of you have seen the Intuit websites commercials.  It’s all very happy, small businesses don’t have to learn web code, don’t have ot pay thousands to a webmaster, or rely on your  dingbat brother who never quite gets around to doing the website.  It’s all very click, click, bam, you’re up, online, and “being found.” Notice “being found” is the age old silliness of someone  Googling YOUR NAME (business name) and finding you.  Those people of course are not the amazingness of the web because to be searching your name implies you’ve already DONE the work of marketing to them.  The real magic of the web is people STUMBLING upon you.  This is called search engine optimization and is the route I ended up going for my two big websites.

I haven’t found  a great way to express my outrage at Intuit’s starter price of $4.99/month. The real problem is you get FIVE PAGES. To me that is like selling someone snake oil.  The web is not a billboard, where there is a huge amount of ink and canvass that you are purchasing where yes, size matters.  The web is also not a business card where different inks or the quality of paper used really do make a difference in price.  Five pages is about the biggest, most insulting thing you can do on the web to your customer.  The reason they do it of course is it’s “only” $4.99/month and why would you EVER considerthe $50/month websites?  Nevermind facts and your needs.  And nevermind five page websites don’t allow you any creativity in growing, learning, and expanding.

I can almost always tell when someone is on a Homestead website.  And I have done enough searching for reviews that I can not in good faith recommend the website company.  The most marketed to therapists business is Therapy Sites and they’re $59/month and no set up.  They have attractive websites.  My problem is the slippery notions about search engine optimization and visually they have FIVE templates (homestead at least has something like 2,000 templates.)  Each template has three colors so you think you have 12 website options. 

Anyway, just wanted to finally do a review on this company.  Some of you may be using them and quite pleased.  I am not saying to leave the website if you’re up.  Or to not sign up if you don’t want to.  But do realize you get what you pay for and do realize website companies are dealing with an uneducated customer who may not know better than to pay peanuts FOR peanuts.


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