"Helping people who help people"

Lots of Changes!

Greetings blog readers. I’ve been very neglectful as I spent the rest of November working on a website redesign. December was unproductive being a full time mom, followed by unexpected arm surgery and an annoying recovery. But finally, the new design is live! I’ve still got some glitches, but do you ever get so tired of a project you just release it with errors rather than keep holding it back?

New too, are fantastic wedding vendors who believe in strengthening your marriage. They get free advertising in exchange for giving WEDDING DISCOUNTS to engaged couples who may qualifying purchases on our website. Even if couples do their own marriage prep, two unique offerings still apply: Take Back Your Wedding, our book, for $12.99, and the Money Attitudes game, $25, used by the Army and thousands of financial planners, educators, non-profits to help people get underneath their values around money. Basically for $10 or more, depending on what you do, we can literally save you hundreds of dollars!

I’m glad to be back to blogging. Watch for more soon. I promise.


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