"Helping people who help people"

Great therapy website design

This website has personality, especially the about page!  There are lots of little things she could be doing to enhance her website separate from the design.  For example, if you put your mouse over any of the pages, you’ll notice they’re labeled by number.  Those page names, or “file names”, should be rich with the keywords on that page.  A keyword is what people will be looking for, like couples therapy, or to learn more about depression.  Instead of “page6.html” it should describe that page.

But in any event, I don’t often see SUCH a spunky look and I like it!  (Again, the About page is really fun and I haven’t visited every page.)  It seems to show her personality the way many web designs don’t.  This gets to my biggest frustration with therapysites.com which has now FIVE templates, 3 colors each.  I keep annoying my husband wondering why a company that spends tens of thousands of dollars advertising can’t put a few thousand into new designs.    600,000 mental health professionals, whose profession is the interchange and intimacy of YOU, as a therapist, and the CLIENT, should be better represented in diverse website design.  You can’t really stand out if you have the same websites as everyone else.  At best it neutralizing what could be a very bad, very distracting website and at worst, you are zapped of your entire personhood, expertise, and “zest”.  It reminds me of those boards that  have famous characters on them with a hole for your head.


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