"Helping people who help people"

What do you want to know?

Shoot me any question at all, related to the internet, websites, computers, technology, something you think I may know about because of things I’ve posted. I’ll create blog entries out of questions people may have.  I know a lot of random stuff!  Just comment here, or use the Contact page on my website.

Thursday I return to full time mom mode so I hope to keep up with this blog.  I also just got tickets to go to the Networker Conference in DC so that’s exciting.  It’s part work, part vacation (doing a tour of the Capital building AND the White House!)  If you’re going and want to grab a drink me with and another friend I’ve only “met” on Twitter, let me know. The plan is that Thursday night of the conference to go somewhere and talk therapy marketing, websites, or just whatever!


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