"Helping people who help people"

Authenticity Of Yourself

As you may have noticed, I tend to write (or ramble, depending on the day!) and not blast you with tons of outside links. I do this for a few reasons.

1 – you have just as easy access to Google as I do and I assume you use it to ask questions

2- if you don’t like me, you’ll move on.  But if you do like me (this blog), you want to hear MORE from ME. 

3 – there is nobody on the planet who has my exact personality, passions, experiences, and perspective.  It’s up to you to find all the people you like whose combined experiences and perspective give you want you crave.  I am honored should I ever be one of them!

See this two minute video from my all time favorite marketer, whomI discovered on Twitter.  You’ll see what  I mean about authenticity. And for therapists – I will say your “powers” in social media are limitless, but your money will have to come from somewhere (books, classes, workshops….) and for EDUCATORS who read my blog, I really encourage you, especially if you’re federal grantees, or large county-wide organizations, to get a few of your employees out in the open, with photos, videos, and personalize what you do!

This is a VERY fast, very, very cool 2 minute video. I don’t know anything about the mommy conference but I’m posting this for this video.



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