"Helping people who help people"

It’s very easy to put out a mini resume of yourself, your services, your fees, hours, etc on your website.  It’s harder but a lot more interesting to think about the PEOPLE who are viewing your website.  I’m in the process of adding great content to my husbands therapy website.  (You know the whole cobblers kids have no shoes…. I also need to completely revamp the Dr. Bill Doherty website, especially after he’s now got a psychology today blog and we have $100 in free Google Adwords for CE trainings on couples therapy) 

What I tell therapists is to remember your prospective client:

has never, ever been to a mental health professional and is very nervous, unsure, hesitant, etc

has been to someone before and had a VERY bad experience and is uncertain about trying it again

has been to therapy before, loved it, and is a very willing participant in the counseling experience

For EDUCATORS, you have to remember:

how are you different from counseling?  Don’t put down counseling, but draw out the upsides to education alone, or education as a precursor to actual therapy

since most people only know about counseling, you’ve got to put those words on your website.  Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking counseling online, NOT classes and education.  You need to use the words even if you don’t do them.  The honest way is to say things like: “If you are seeking marriage counseling, are you aware there is another option?”  Or, “We’re not counselors, but educators who can help give you the core skills a counselor will give you, for a lower price.”

No matter what, think of all the people who do make it into your doors and remember them as you are writing your website.  Think how many people each personality represents, and think how one line here or there could make the difference in someone calling you or not.


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