"Helping people who help people"

One of the biggest smackdowns I’ve had related to website marketing was from a webinar put on by theknot.com, a multimillion dollar wedding planning website.  They have amazing data and analysis and their goal was to pass along the wisdom so that advertisers (such as myself), would have BETTER ads, to get MORE people, so we’d KEEP ADVERTISING .  While they love taking people’s ad revenue, it’s clearly in their best interest for you to market yourself as best you can so you stay on their bankroll.

The number one reality check I got was it’s NOT ABOUT YOU, it’s about your prospective client!  They could give a rats tushie about you having a Ph.D. in this, or credentials in that, or where you graduated from.  They are in NEED, searching to FILL that need, and if you can’t talk to that need, they’ll very quickly move to the next person.

I ask my therapist readers out there to go look at your marketing material, online profile statements, and see how much of your client is represented.  What happens if you slash the my and me’s, and regeared your statement to fit your clients?

The second biggest thing, as you may be able to guess, is having a really bad, ugly, outdated website!  Why on earth you pay big bucks to DRAW people to you and then have an awful website is beyond me.  But it’s extremely common in the wedding world, where people slap up a website 8 years ago, haven’t touched it, and assume their couples will come from their advertising.  Unfortunately the wedding world as an industry is very image-based, so you can imagine how well awful websites do to attract couples.  There are more than enough bad therapy websites, but the slight saving grace is it CAN, sometimes, to some people, be a little “charming” that dear old therapist is really outdated with technology.


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