"Helping people who help people"

I just got a note from someone downloading the FREE seo stuff, reflecting the exact same baggage  I had.  Who do you listen to and trust when it comes to all this web stuff??

Yesterday I was going through the Yellow Pages to see if I can find companies that may benefit from a better website.  I hate cold calling, but love website stuff,  so somehow I’m going to pick up the phone.  In any event, nobody should be advertising in the Yellow Pages (!!!!) let alone have a HUGE ad, as one company did. I went to their website, found their “Google rank” really low, and decided to investigate.

The Google  Rank thing isn’t a huge deal, except it turns out this company pays a search engine firm!!!!   This company has not a single  link TO its website (basic search engine 101, you must have good relationships with other websites linking to you.)  So I went to the SEO company to see they had a low rank but even more, they weren’t well networked themselves online. A few random links here or there.

I have no idea what is going on. Looking at the website I also have a TON of ideas for them that would be FREE compared to a super expensive page in the Yellow Pages.

That said, I want to teach others, have proven success myself, but the idea of doing it FOR others gives me a panic attack!   It’s either my holistic approach that requires a level of emotional investment, or my lack of time, or my lack of passion for any given person’s business that would prevent me from giving the 120% effort necessary.  And ultimately, search engine work is risky!  There are no guarentees.

Back to the question of who to trust.  I’d say start with what they write on their website. Listen to your gut.  Talk with them and see if they are making sense TO YOU and see if they have a global perspective or just love to talk nitty gritty techie garbage.


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