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Bill Doherty on Twitter

It’s quite amazing to say my father is now both on Twitter AND wrote his first blog!  He is likely to never join Facebook, and will definitely never get a cellphone.  🙂

Both of these are with me as his business manager. Both are very strategic, and both are after a lot of requests and “no’s.”  He loves having a web-saavy daughter to help him weed through the mess and requests.

So, the blog is for Psychology Today.  He is writing on Parenting and Marriage.   I do NOT tell therapists they have to blog.  It’s a complicated issue.  And my father does not need one more thing on his extremely packed schedule. But, as a cultural mover and shaker, this was an opportunity I didn’t think he should pass up!  The folks at  PT are very excited, as am I, that his unique perspective will get such a great spotlight.

As he was getting ready to learn how to upload his first blog post, I told him NOW is the time to do Twitter.  Blogging is good, but without a simple way to spread your blog (and I do not suggest emailing everyone every time you blog…though I have dear, sweet friends who also read this blog that do this), Twitter is a great, fast way to get readers and fans with minimal effort.  Find Bill Doherty on Twitter!  His first blog entry ever is  on Tiger Woods and Consumer Marriage.


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