"Helping people who help people"

Digging Around The Internet

I always make my husband laugh (or realtor) when I know things I shouldn’t know about people, places, or businesses.  The web offers a fascinating insider look into the current and past of ones online life.  Did you know you can find out how much people paid for their homes, ANYWHERE in the country?  Or you can find out when  someone started their website?  Or what it looked like a long time ago? 

I had a grand time last night in shock and awe over someone’s professional double-life.  It was great fun,very informative, and mostly eerie how the internet lets you grow all sorts of interesting ventures, without much hassel.  You can sell jewelry for the cost of a website, or consult, or do any number of things.  I use a lot of this information to inform my views of a business, or a person.  For example, someone on Twitter claims December is a great time to bring in revenue, so I went to her website.  I then went to see how new it was (she bought it two days prior.)  I then went to the address information listed on the website domain name and tracked it down. Long story short, this woman claiming to bring in MILLIONS (and will teach you the same!) has a website on how to do this, attached to a house worth a whopping $70,000 under a different name than who she claims to be.  Just shows you can claim to be anyone online!  But with snoopy skills you can get a long way in figuring out the real story.

That said, one thing some websites do is pull from licensing board data and generate therapy listings “free”, but then ask you to pay for more than a name and phone number.  This means YOUR HOUSE AND HOME NUMBER may be listed online, as your therapy contact information.  If that is the data you have for the licensing board, you probably want to update that to your office.


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