"Helping people who help people"

The Serendipity of Patience

My dear blog readers, today’s post is brought to you by the letter P, for PATIENCE.  It takes a lot of patience when building an online presence.  These annoying little search engines don’t care how passionate you are about your subject matter.  They have billions of website pages to read, index, re-index, re-re-re-index, figure out what each page is saying and how to match it to each web surfer.  A tall order, don’t you think?

I launched this blog in May, after finding a phrase that seemed good.  But it wasn’t until June that I really started writing.  I had struggled on my website, writing articles, but with no marketing plan, and no sense of visibility, I felt lost.  I had a love, hate, love, then hate, and now love relationship with the website Thomas Consultation.  First it was exciting to “have my own website.”  Then it was horrible when I was not a good consultant (for issues inside and outside my control.)  I wanted to be an educator.  So the story unfolds, and now I’m back to being content with the name.  And on my long list of projects is to figure out how to organize the website and my blog better.  There are cool ways to intertwine blogging and writing what think of as “stable” things on your website that are timeless and probably important to anyone who does venture from your blog to your website.

Patience is hard, and especially so when you’re writing and doing things and are getting NO WEBSITE TRAFFIC.  To let you know how long patience has taken, it’s now 7 months after starting this blog, and I’m JUST now starting to see reliable “phrases” that I want to see in my website traffic.  And my numbers in general are picking up.  But remember numbers alone aren’t important.  If I were going after the wrong type of web surfer, I won’t see any results.  There are quite a few therapy folks who are doing “the business of therapy.”  That is awesome and so desperately needed.  And I don’t want to compete. I have no personal experience with intake forms, setting up liability insurance, finding a supervisor, etc.  I watch my husband do it all!  And I helped him get an office, but the nuts and bolts of daily therapy isn’t where I have passion.

My narrow little surgical scalpel where I am focusing my blogging efforts is on your website.  Everything about your website.  Not just that you should have one.  Or that you should call it something. Or that you need certain words on it.  But holistically, helping you from A to Z, from a techie perspective, marketing perspective, “cheerleading” perspective, and therapy perspective, what in the world can and should you do online.  I want to light the fire under all your bellies to see your website as more than a flat, scary, boring, confusing thing you need online and replace those thoughts with “wow!  My entire set of professional experiences can be put out there, to help others, to network, and to exist where the world, not just my town, can see me.”

The serendipity part is I’m now ready to help any of you with a website solution!  I got my final training last night, and am working out things like the contract form, learning how to log into the customer database, and selecting a few of the hundreds of websites that I think most therapists may like (and then we customize them for you.)  Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more!  If you’re local in Minnesota, we can meet at your office.  If you’re elsewhere, we can chat on the phone.  Late last night I even got a Google phone number and can put this “widget” (fancy term for program) on my website where you can literally call me without long distance, because Google calls you and hooks us up automatically.  I am also venturing into ANY time of business, so if you like me and have a small business owner friend in need of a website solution, send them my way.  I’ll even give you a referral bonus for doing so.


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