"Helping people who help people"

For those who don’t know the Saturday Night Life skit, a character named Debbie takes any happy conversation among a group, on ANY positive topic, and turns in into some super depressing, or negative thing.  It’s funny.

Sometimes I feel like Debbie Downer!  I feel there is so much hype about what the internet can do and the vast bank account enhancer it can be for you, if only you have (insert: a website, a blog, use Twitter, use Facebook….)

I love the internet.  I love websites.  “Website junkie” is generally what I consider myself, because I’m not really a webmaster, or web developer, or search engine optimizer (I do this for my own sites and teach it but it’s too nitty gritty and in my opinion, so highly personalized for mental health professionals that I refuse to get into that.)  I’ve proven my success at attracting people to my websites.

But as I wrote about a few days ago “why markters scare me”, the reality about the internet is it is HARD WORK.  Sometimes people gasp when I say if we had hired out, for both the website updating I do on my own, and the search engine stuff, I don’t doubt we would have spent $40,000-$50,000 between the Marriage Friendly Therapy website and The First Dance.  And as I like to CLARIFY, neither website has that kind of budget!  So our options were to struggle and die, or learn and grow. And in learning and growing  I had so, so much fun.  A whole lot of stuff clicked for me.  Meeting with a branding/marketing guy and learning about search engine stuff clicked.  Knowing why we got into each venture, search engine stuff worked (the internal drive as well as desire to honestly improve the world.)  Seeing results was an amazing high!

Soon I’m going to have lunch with a family friend therapist.  My dad laughed at him when he thought he could throw up a few one-page websites for his books.  My dad knows enough now to laugh.  But that is all my dad knew.  🙂  So, for the thousandth time, (well, not literally), I have to both pump up and deflate a therapist who has amazing things to say.  And, as always, I will enjoy seeing his reactions to what I have to share.  Does he think the work is worthwhile?  Can he get over his learning curve struggles?  Will the budget to get going keep him away, or get him excited that he’s “doing something real?”

I’ve got a million ideas and am a VERY resourceful person. I’m able to excite others.  But I  never, ever want to turn into that person where talk is cheap and you never quite see the success they claim is possible.  When I was building my trainings, I was so distressed with anxiety, wanting to make sure I wasn’t one of those people….who tell tons of stories but never really say anything.  The feedback I got was exactly what I care about.  NO FLUFF.  No superiority (I learned and still learn a ton from mistakes and gladly share!) Getting people excited.  VERY useable information that you can put to use right away.  I was so relieved, even if I didn’t sell a single CD! 

There you have it.  Optimistic Debbie Downer.  That’s me!  I’m your cheerleader, but I’m never going to lie to you!


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