"Helping people who help people"

Psychotherapy websites

I tell you, the stress of having integrity means  I am beating over and over, questions, concerns, issues, researching, analyzing, so that I can resell a website template (that gets customized) and sell “myself” basically.  I am asking questions most of you wouldn’t even THINK to ask.  I’m very close!  Next step is to learn the e-commerce stuff, then really hone in on pricing.  Unlike the other template services out there, you would have a set up fee  based on the necessary setup work/training.   I’ve been balking at that set up fee since this summer, but I am now changing my tune for a variety of reasons! 

Ultimately no matter *how* you have a website, I want you to succeed and know what your website can do for you!  In this way I will always be an educator first and foremost.  The experiences I’ve had with 100% of the therapy webites I’ve consulted on prove to me there needs to be a better way. Crabby webmasters, unethical IT professionalss selling awful stuff, companies who only charge $5/month but only give you 4-5 pages (what a load of you-know-what!), free websites with ADS on them (I always gasp when I see those ads on therapy websites.  It’s almost like you put an ad on your business card because you’re too cheap to print them yourself), psychotherapy website templates like Therapysites.com that not only have minimal diversity of design, but they have those icons on the homepage that scream out “shared hosting”… (in plain language they scream out “hi, I am using a service where I have to go to my own websites homepage to log in, rather than having a real website with back end ways to manage email and other data.”  Those industry specific websites like for psychotherapists also make me mad how the lie to you saying they provide all sorts of great content that will help you with search engines.   No, once Google has read something, it IGNORES then next 500,000 times it sees that same page on others websites.  Besides, a lot of that “free, great content” feeds directly back into the company selling the template, which feeds into your customers being sent off to other therapy directories, rather than staying on your site!

I’m excited to be able to finally put my name behind something and not just complaining about what is out there.  I exhaust myself whining sometimes which is why by the time I was pregnant with #2, I realized whining wasn’t going to make the 9 months of naseau go away, or the nerve damage pain, or heartburn.  I hardly complained even though it was miserable.   I came to peace with it. The difference here is I can’t stand seeing innocent therapists being ripped off.  And I can do something about it!  (The only thing to do with pregnancy is to watch the calendar until the baby arrives!)


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