"Helping people who help people"

New Website Option!

I am not ready to blast the details, as I am dealing with arm surgery AND learning as much as I can, but within a week I’ll be blasting more info on selling what I am excited to say is the single best hybrid of getting a website!

Template companies = really restrictive, unethically marketing their advantages,  or REALLY bland  (20% of therapists in my estimation use therapysites.com which means your website is identical to many colleagues, which makes you unable to STAND OUT.)

Blogs = lots of issues, see post below

Webmasters = really expensive, take months of time, and then any simple update is very expensive

Learning yourself – Iwent this route, use free templates for new website (hacked The First Dance to death and am redoing it with a new free template I’ve hacked), and you are likely to end up with a crappy website or unable to do things you want to do

This new solution is going to be:

Industry-standard $50/month payment (which, as you may know, is about the cost of your webmaster adding a little button, or adding a new page of information.)


YOU edit, easily, after two hours of training from ME, and after that you have 24/7 tech support for free

E-commerce AND a calendar.  So sell stuff, or book appointments online

Free contant management

We work on anything else you want, so it can be us personalizing some attention for you, giving you personalized ideas, mini lessons on blogging, twitter, facebook, etc.

Basically you can go elsewhere, pay $50 for bland, and be clueless.  Or become completely empowered, energized, and able to maximize that $50 fee to its top advantage!

A lot more to come but I am finally breathing some relief that I have really good solution that I can ethically support AND, since there is a one time fee to do all that customization and training, will give me some financial stability and potentially help my husband not have to work 15+ hour days where our children basically don’t see him for a month each quarter.  And best yet, I’m a total website junkie who LOVES to teach!!


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