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Texas therapy associations

I’ve got in-laws in Texas (closest to Austin) and LOVE website presentations with therapists.  If anyone reading this is looking for a presenter, contact me!  I did the Minnesota marriage family therapy association presentation recently and as always, had great time and great feedback.  It can be SO hard to find someone like me who can talk non-techie, is high energy about the topic, is a generalist (vs specialist who thinks one thing is the solution), and who is in the field!  People always ask tons of questions and get great answers.

I’ve got surgery on Wednesday and won’t have use of an arm for a week…so not blogging much soon. Xmas2009 deal still going on and great for MP3’s because you don’t have to wait for me to ship CD’s!


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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Best wishes for the surgery tomorrow.
    I blinked and you had a bunch of new great posts! I love it!!
    I’ve been creating new website ideas I’m excited to implement in the next few months based on your information! I’m so grateful for your blog!
    Best to you, your husband and family in 2010. I can’t wait for the next post.

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