"Helping people who help people"

The Go-Ahead

One of the problems being a therapy website guru is not being a therapist to show off your own website.  Finally my husband, the traditional introverted non-marketer, has let me “have at it.”  I’m going to majorly work on his website, then he’ll edit and figure out how to make my changes more attractive (he has the design eye) and voila – we’ll hopefully see more action!

Marital happiness is more important than a great website.  So in that vein, I have always said I’m there for him if and when he’s ready.  Now a whole new world has opened up!  (I did help with his website the first time… but just a little.)

And to give you an idea of an average day when my husband does his day job (this month), my 2 year old girl is sitting under the table asking me what every little thing she sees is, and my four year old is begging for all sorts of things.  Off I go with an attempt to be online with them!


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