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How many clicks does it take?

When I review therapy profiles on websites, I can easily go a little bonkers.  Today’s post (with a nasty cold and not much energy) is about forcing people to keep on clicking to get more information.

If you have ever gone through the experience of looking for a therapist, you’ll see how many clicks it takes. First you go to Google.com, type in a search phrase of some kind, review any number of the results.  Each result brings you, usually, to a website that requires more clicking and decisions (do I search by zip code, or type of therapy, or some other option.)  If you’re lucky, you land on the page with the therapists in your exact area.  Often you have to click further on every single person.  By this point you’re frustrated, because there were 9 other results on the original google search, and there is always the option to start a new search over to hope for better results.

By the time someone lands on your profile, they’re click-fatigued.  They just want to know if you’re a good match.  They don’t want to have to decide whether your non-profile (sort of a generic blah blah blah profile) is worthy enough for ANOTHER click to your website, or whether they’re just going to move on to the other profiles to see if a therapist can at least capture their interest from the start.

I’m not saying you necessarily should put every shred of information in your profile, but consider whatever you write may be the ONLY thing someone reads.

1 – is your profile(s) today a good representation of who you are and what you do?

2 – is your profile making people interested in clicking further (to your own website?) You can sometimes get the number of profile hits, which you can then compare with the hits to your website.  If there is a huge gap, then you may want to consider redoing your profile!  However, if you’re getting a lot of clients, your profile may be “selling” you and people don’t need to go to your website.

3 – is your profile for a particular group you work with?  If so, you should link to that area of your website instead of the main page.

Does your website have a way for someone to email the website to themselves or a partner/spouse?  I’ve used two different companies for this.  addthis.com and socialtwist.com which is my latest (love the icon and huge range of things people can do with your website, but the analytics seem a bit lacking.)  This is a helpful way for someone, who may very likely be at work, email to themselves so when they’re home, they can review your profile/website more closely.  Otherwise in web surfing, they may never remember they even found you.

By the time someone is at your profile, they may have had to click their mouse 20-100 times.  They’re tired of therapy web surfing.  They may be frustrated, bored, or glazed over by the time they get to you.  The least you can do is make the profile GOOD.  If it’s not, you may not get them to visit your website.  And you won’t get them to be a client.


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