"Helping people who help people"

Passion or knowledge?

It’s interesting how therapy is about being “cool.”  What with all the mirror neurons, healthy boundaries, and unbalanced, non-friendship relationship that is therapy, it can be hard to market yourself as a therapist.

Some therapists say they “love” working with certain types of people.  Example, “I love working with engaged couples because there is so much joy and hope for the future.”  Or, therapists may express the knowledge they have about the group.  Example, “I’ve been working with eating disorder sufferers for over 20 years, teach workshops and have my Ph.D. in counseling psychology”

Neither is better than the other.  But when it comes down to it, what gets your engines going in the therapy session?  What makes your clients most appreciate of you?  Is it your passion for the topics you’re addressing?  Is it how just darn MUCH experience and wisdom you bring to the session?

If you want someone to fork over hard-earned money and their pains to you, the least you can do is show a little zip!  The knowledge you have is great, but can you re-direct the facts towards *WHY* you’ve spent so much of your life in that area?  If you have a lot of passion, how does that translate into being a great therapist?  Do you stay upbeat when other therapists may get bogged down?  Do you come across as more interested and engaged in the nitty gritty of your clients pain because the topic is endlessly fascinating to you?


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